Material providers

Hundreds of Finnish archives, libraries, museums and other organisations have offered their cultural and scientific treasures to be found in Finna.

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Public libraries

You can find the material of several public libraries through a single search on Participating libraries provide books, periodicals, recordings, films and many other types of material for loan, either on-site or in a digital format. For example, many libraries offer the opportunity to make reservations and renew loans directly on

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University libraries

University libraries, including university of applied sciences libraries, provide research literature, articles and theses directly online or for loan on-site. Some university libraries offer an opportunity to make reservations and renew loans directly on

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Special libraries

As suggested by their name, special libraries specialise in a specific topic. These can be a libraries in connection with associations, companies or other organisations. The material of special libraries contains literature, research, objects or pictures focusing on a specific area of study.

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The participating archival organisations have made openly accessible online resources available for search. If Finna cannot provide direct access to the resource, it can usually be studied on-site at the archive’s facilities.

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Through Finna, you can access objects, images, works of art and many other types of material that would otherwise only be available on a visit to the museum. You can add museum material to your lists of favourites and download images for yourself if this is permitted by the copyright.

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Other material providers

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Finna includes research institutes and other actors that provide Finnish publication archive materials and who bring scientific publications or materials on a specific topic to Finna.

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Research institute