Best Laid Plans

Helvetillinen suunnitelma (suomenkielinen nimi)

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Best Laid Plans

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Age Limit K16
Ted Griffin, Screenwriter
Ben Seresin, Cinematographer
Sloane Klevin, Film editor
Craig Armstrong, Composer
Sophie Becher, kuvasuunnittelu
Alan Greenspan, Film producer
Betsy Beers, Film producer
Chris Moore, Film producer
Sean Bailey, Film producer
Columbia TriStar Egmont Film Distributors Oy, Film distributor
Egmont Entertainment Oy, Film distributor
Alessandro Nivola, Nick
Reese Witherspoon, Lissa
Josh Brolin, Bryce
Rocky Carroll, bad ass dude
Michael G. Hagerty, Charlie the proprietor
Premiere Night 22.10.1999
Premiere Theater
Forum 3, Kino Palatsi 6
Broadcasted in TV
Subtv, 26.05.2004
MTV3, 14.05.2005
Sub, 03.12.2008
Sub, 04.06.2011
FOX, 02.05.2012
FOX, 27.08.2012
FOX, 11.02.2013
Fox, 15.07.2013
FOX, 17.07.2013
Number of Film Copies 5
Playing Time
Color väri, Technicolor
Sound ääni, Dolby