Pelillistämisstrategian suunnittelu frisbeegolfsovellukseen


Pelillistämisstrategian suunnittelu frisbeegolfsovellukseen

Designing gamification strategy for disc golf application

Disc golf as a hobby has gained increasing popularity, especially in Finland. Gamification in modern world is a popular trend to convert platforms, especially those focused on learning, more motivating and engaging. Goal for this Bachelor’s Thesis is to study different researches on gamification and use that knowledge to create a strategy which applies gamification to a mobile application, which are commonly used to log results in disc golf. As a result from this thesis there is a review of studies relating different areas of gamification and developed from these studies, a strategy to apply gamification in an adaptive manner. The result is compared to other similar applications of gamification. Overall, the developed strategy is a plan ready to be developed.