Extracting meaning from ploughsoil assemblages

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Extracting meaning from ploughsoil assemblages

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xxii, 266 pages : ill., maps ; 31 cm
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Series t.p. on p. [i]; volume t.p. on p. [xiii].
Publisher Oxford : Oxbow 2000.
Series Archaeology of Mediterranean landscapes, vol.5.
Additional Information
edited by Riccardo Francovich, Helen Patterson and Graeme Barker
Includes bibliographical references.
1-900188-75-9 sidottu
Uncontrolled Title
Extracting meaning from ploughsoil assemblages : assessments of the past, strategies for the future
Methods of collection, recording and quantification
Cultural depositional processes and post-depositional problems
Ceramics and the site : is survey enough?
What are we counting for?
Dating, quantifying and utilizing pottery from surface survey
visibility of sites and the interpretation of field survey results : towards an analysis of incomplete distributions
Quando i campi hanno pochi significati da estarre : visibilità archeologica, storia instituzionale, multi-stage work
Prospection et chronologie : de la quantification du temps au modèle de peuplement : methods appliquées aus secteur des étangs de Saint-Blaise (Bouches-du-Rhône) France
current state of prehistoric ceramic studies in Mediterranean survey
current state of Roman ceramic studies in Mediterranean survey, or handling pottery from surveys
current state of early medieval and medieval ceramic studies in Mediterranean survey
Surface survey analysis of the copper age site of La Pijotilla (Spain)
On-site surface distributions and geophysics : the site of Rodik-Adjovščina
ceramica preromana come indicatore di processi socio-economici : il caso dell'Itlia medio-tirrenica
Ceramic chronology and Roman rural settlement in the lower Guadalquivir Valley during the Augustan period
Pottery and territory : a tormented relationship
Adriatic Islands project : contact, commerce and commercialisation
De la fouille a la prospection, et retour : céramologie et histoire du peuplement dans la cité de Nimes
rapporto fra superficie e sottosuolo, dal survey allo scavo : insediamento e circolazione ceramica fra V e X secolo nella Toscana centro-meridionale
Reconstructing the classical landscape with figures : some interpretive explorations in North-West Keos
Demographic trends : the contribution of regional survey data
Concluding comments