Urheilusponsorointi yritysten näkökulmasta

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Urheilusponsorointi yritysten näkökulmasta

The aim of this study was to clarify the reasons for sponsor co-operation between a company and a sports club. This research was made in co-operation with a Finnish futsal club Kampuksen Dynamo of Jyväskylä. Firstly, I wanted to figure out which factors influence in the decision of a company to start sponsoring a club. Secondly, I wanted to know what the companies wish to receive in return for their investment. Thirdly, I tried to get a picture of how the co-operation between a company and a club could be facilitated.

In the theory section of my research, I present what has been written on the nature of sports sponsoring. Major aspects of this are the concepts of brand, building up a brand image and creating positive associations. Furthermore, I look at the motives of partnership, and what are the benefits of it and how to measure them. Finally, I present theories of how to evaluate the success of a partnership.

The data of this research was collected by an electronic survey. In the survey, the companies answered to questions regarding their sponsoring actions. All the answers are presented numerically in illustrative diagrams.

One finding of this research was that what influences most on a company’s decision to sponsor a club or not are the values, localness and the visibility of its logo and advertisements. The values of a company and a club must be compatible. Sponsoring a local club is seen as an act of taking social responsibility,but also the customers of a local business are living nearby. Companies want well-being activities and a good brand visibility in return for their investment. Increasing the visibility of a company’s brand is seen as a major reason for sponsoring also in many earlier studies.

A good way to facilitate the co-operation between a company and a club is to examine the individual needs of a company. Furthermore, the impacts of sponsoring should be measured and analyzed more thoroughly.

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