Mobilenote-järjestelmän käyttö viheralueiden hoidossa

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Mobilenote-järjestelmän käyttö viheralueiden hoidossa

The objective of this thesis was to study the use of the Mobilenote production management software in the city maintenance of the Northern organization of Stara. The objective of the commission was to find out how the organization in Malmi benefits from the use of Mobilenote system for the maintenance of green areas.

The use of the Mobilenote system is being extended in the organization and the information of user experience and the problems of implementation were needed. Pragmatism and taking the end users' perspective into account had an important role. The thesis also wanted to find out whether the use of the Mobilenote system will increase productivity.The theory applied in the thesis was formed by interviews, the company's internal documents and earlier theses of this subject. Interviews were used as the research methods.

The main results were that the use of the system can be increased by training, simplifying and speeding the system up, by using more efficient mobile devices and by improving the feedback system. It is also important to note the reward system, so that the end users will be active to use the system.

Operational efficiency can be increased by using the Mobilenote system. The quality can be verified better for the orderer and also time and place can be linked. Reporting will be more efficient and real time. However, it should be observed that with the implementation of the new system, it is important to adjust the organisation's operations and structures compatible with the system.

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