Ecosystem services offered by flads

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Ecosystem services offered by flads

Flads are coastal lagoons unique for the Baltic Sea. They are desired environments for leisure in Kvarken, which can be identified from the small amount of pristine areas that are left. Landowners play a key role in managing these environments. In this study I investigate how landowners recognize and assess ecosystem services provided by flads. Due to the high utilization rate of these areas the question emerges, are landowners familiar of the elementary and specific ecosystem services that flads produce.

Landowners knowledge base and assessment of ecosystem services was surveyed with a questionnaire based on the Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES).The survey questions were divided in two parts relating to a specific ecosystem service, first question examined whether the landowners were familiar of a certain ecosystem service offered by flads, in the second part they were asked to assess the importance of the service.

The results show that most landowners are familiar with ecosystem services offered by flads and half of them appreciate them highly, but the results are in a clear controversy with actual data considering land-use in these fragile environments. Only 21 % of the flads in Kvarken are in pristine condition and without any human pressures. Although landowners clearly recognize most of the services offered by flads, and value them quite highly land use rates indicate the opposite. It seems clear, that personal interests overrule ecological ones in every perspective.

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