FC Haka fanituotemyynnin ostokäyttäytymisen tarkastelu

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FC Haka fanituotemyynnin ostokäyttäytymisen tarkastelu

FC Haka is the second most successful sports club in Finland. The club was founded already in 1934, many different situations have come up in the club’s history. They have won championships, the bankruptcy has been fluffy and risen again. For seven seasons, FC Haka played at the second highest league level of the Finnish football in the men’s first division. The years were challenging, but in 2019 the rise which everyone was hoping happened, the rise back to the Veikkausliiga. Haka has always worked long-term for the future, but in 2019 after the rise, Haka’s operations began to be developed and work hard.

FC Haka wants to develop its services to better its fans. Some services are fan product sales. It is only for a few years that fan product sales have begun to pay more attention. In the summer of 2020, Haka opened a fan products online store, which was the answer to a high demand. Not all fans live in Haka’s hometown of Valkeakoski or even near Valkeakoski. Fan product sales will not improve and develop unless you make clear steps in front of it. According to the topic of the thesis, I started to explore the attractiveness of fan products, the functionality of the e-commerce purchase process, and to hear ideas for the future development.

In accordance with the purpose and purpose of the thesis, I created a structured survey, a quantitative study for those who were online in the FC Haka online store. The survey was conducted in advance by the order of the questions. There were 112 people who responded to the survey, so the answers were obtained for the goal of the thesis. The answers to the survey were treated as numerically comprehensive results, excluding for the free fields of the survey.

With the research of the study conducted, the purpose of the thesis was achieved. FC Haka received a wide range of answers about the functionality of the purchase process, where Haka is successful and where there is need for improvement. There was feedback on the fan product range, which Haka had not previously received, related to the quality of the products and the wishes of the selection. From the proposals that have emerged, Haka will be able to be implemented in the future. As a result of the research, the supporters want quality rather than quantity.

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