Korkeakouluopiskelijat urheiluseuran asiakaskohderyhmänä


Korkeakouluopiskelijat urheiluseuran asiakaskohderyhmänä

In this thesis college students are studied as a sports club’s target group. The commissioner is FC Inter Turku Oy. The aim was to find out whether the college students are a profitable and potential target group for the football club FC Inter, and to suggest ways to reach the college students.

The theoretical part looks into the backgrounds essentially related to the thesis, such as football in Finland, college students as a target group, marketing of sports clubs and marketing to college students. The empirical part was carried out by using the benchmarking methods as online benchmarking and by interviewing employees of sports clubs. The interviews were conducted as semi-structured thematic interviews with four employees from four different sports clubs.

Based on the results, the college students is an interesting target group for the client company, whose members have great potential to grow into important customers in the future. Based on the results obtained, it is not possible to give a direct answer as to whether college students are a profitable target group for the client, as profitability is affected by how it is measured. According to the results, the financial profitability of the college students during their studies is often relatively low, but their potential to become significant customers in the future and other benefits make them an interesting target group. College students may also be a challenging target group due to their limited leisure and spending. The results also revealed various ways to reach college students, including social media, collaborations with schools and student organisations, visibility in schools, and events organised for students.

The client company is able to utilise the results of the thesis when considering the significance and importance of college students for the club, and when planning whether the company should pay more attention to the college students in club’s marketing and match events. Other Finnish sports clubs can also benefit from the results of the thesis.