Productizing the “Doing Business in Finland” seminar for Russian clients

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Productizing the “Doing Business in Finland” seminar for Russian clients

The status quo between Russia and western countries has been unstable since the crisis in Ukraine started in November 2013. Even in these unstable times it is important to maintain and develop business liaisons. Eventually, when the global environment gets better, emerging economies like Russia still offer vast markets for different kind of industries from machinery to consumer goods. The objective of this study was to find out what kind of help Russian companies need when they are heading towards EU markets and what would be the most profitable and efficient way for Savonlinna Business Services to deliver information and consultancy services for Russian clients. The theory part of this study discusses theories of internationalization and productization. The information was collected from books, articles and Internet. In the empirical study qualitative approach was utilized and research was carried out by comparing literature findings to the interviews of business service experts and observations of daily work related to internationalization issues in Savonlinna Business Services. As a result of this thesis it was found out that Russian customers need information on how to start a business in Finland/EU markets, assistance in finding business partners and investment opportunities in Finland, and preferably a Russian speaking business coach to lead the way on a foreign market. It was also found out that the most efficient way of reaching several Russian customers at once would be offering them an informational seminar in cooperation with Russian partner organizations. As a final result a standardized seminar package including different modules was productized for Russian cooperation partners and customers.